Introducing the X4 XonaChip® for Higher Throughput Applications

Introducing the X4 XonaChip® for Higher Throughput Applications

Increasing throughput continues to be an enormous need for neuron-based compartmentalized culture platforms. Current approaches using PDMS are not adequate to create higher density platforms because of registration issues due to shrinkage making automated imaging next to impossible. Xona Microfluidics has overcome this limitation by developing a new injection molded XonaChip called the X4 chip. This chip contains multiple sample units that are always the same location and size–a huge advance for automated imaging and drug discovery efforts. Further, these chips (the size of standard microscope slides) can be combined in a plate holder to yield sixteen (16) sample units. Check out this post to learn more.

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Introducing XonaChips®

Introducing XonaChips®

Xona Microfluidics, Inc. has developed a new easy-to-use microfluidic chip to compartmentalize neurons and establish microenvironments, called the XonaChips®. XonaChips® are made out of an optically transparent plastic, cyclic olefin copolymer, which allows us to offer fully assembled chips that require few preparation steps, and result in excellent neuronal growth.

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