Our newest X4 chip (catalog # XC-SF150-X4) uses fewer neurons per culture unit, thereby increasing sample size given a finite number of neurons. Cell loading is also optimized and the chip is a great improvement for automated imaging studies. Recently we cultured hiPSC-derived motor neurons expressing eGFP (BrainXell, BX-0101)  for 27 days in our X4 chips. The result is the beautiful image in this post. This image is a montage of multiple images taken using a spinning disk ImageXpress high content imaging system (Molecular Devices) using a 20x objective. Learn more about the X4 chip.

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Xona Microfluidics is a US-based company that makes compartmentalized microfluidic chambers for culturing neurons and creating co-culture and innervation models in vitro. Xona’s technology is also used to model multi-cellular environments for organ-on-a-chip or microphysiological system applications. Xona provides contract research services in addition to product sales, using our microfluidic platforms to develop scalable neuron-based assays. Our patented compartmentalized chip technology directs the growth of axons from a somatodendritic compartment to an isolated axonal compartment allowing distinct microenvironments within each compartment to be established. Xona sells compartmentalized microfluidic chambers in two formats: Preassembled XonaChips® and original Silicone (PDMS) Devices. Over 1,000 publications cite our compartmentalized microfluidic devices and chips. Many of these publications can be found on our publications page.


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