•  Xona’s easiest-to-use compartmentalized platform made in cyclic olefin copolymer
  • Optically transparent and fully assembled
  • Improved long-term culture of human derived neurons


XonaChips® are pre-assembled and pre-bonded, making them easier-to-use than our original silicone devices. XonaChips® are optically transparent and ideal for fluorescence live imaging. XonaChips® improve long-term culture of primary neurons and are especially useful for culturing human stem cell-derived neurons, providing better cell attachment and long-term growth.

Two (2)-compartment XonaChips® have 150, 450, or 900 µm microgroove barriers (XC150, XC450, XC900). Each Box of (5) XC Series XonaChips® includes a 2-ml tube of XC Pre-Coat™. Learn more here.

A newer 4-unit XonaChip® is now available with  150 µm microgroove barriers (XC-SF150-X4). These “X4” chips use fewer neurons per unit, thus increasing samples size when using a fixed number of neurons. Each chip includes a 1-ml tube of XC Pre-Coat™.  Learn more here.

Xona also sells 3-compartment XonaChips® XC-T series with (2) 500 µm microgroove barriers with a 500 µm central compartment (XC-T500). Each Box of (5) XC-T Series XonaChips® includes two (2) 2-ml tubes of XC Pre-Coat™.

Each microgroove cross-section for all XonaChips® is approximately 7 µm x 7 µm. Main channel heights are approximately 80 µm.

XC Pre-Coat™ and XonaPDL™ are optimized for use with the XonaChips®.

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