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In addition to our commercial operations, Xona Microfluidics Inc performs NIH-funded research within our state-of-the-art research lab. We encourage and seek collaborations with other institutions for mutually beneficial projects. We believe focusing on research together with our commercial activities is critical for our success.

Current projects:

Grant #: R21NS109750                         Taylor (PI)                         04/2020-03/2022

Funding agency: NINDS

Title: The influence of axonal ER on retrograde synapse loss following axon damage

The goal of this project is to investigate calcium-dependent axon-to-soma signaling following axotomy that causes somatic ER changes and synapse loss.


Grant #: R41NS108895                         Taylor (PI)                         09/2018-08/2020

Funding agency: NINDS

Title: A user-friendly microfluidic chip for anti-epileptogenic drug screening

The goal of this grant is to develop a new anti-epileptogenic drug screen using Xona’s patented platform technology.

Completed projects:

Grant #: R42MH097377                       Taylor (PI)                         05/2013-09/2019

Funding agency: NIMH

Title: A user-friendly scalable microfluidic platform for enhanced neuron-cell culture

The goal of this grant is to develop user-friendly and robust technology for neuron-cell culture including the development of novel technology for human stem cell-derived neurons and to examine and manipulate synapses.

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