Choosing between XonaChips® and Silicone (PDMS) Devices

How are XonaChips different from our Silicone Devices? In this Tech Note, we discuss the advantages of each type of compartmentalized microfluidic chamber so that you can decided which configuration is best for your application.

Fluidic isolation with XonaChips®

Distinct axonal and somatodendritic microenvironments can be established within compartmentalized XonaChips® by fluidically isolating one compartment from the other.  This TechNote details this procedure using the dye, Alexa Fluor 488 hydrazide.  

Co-culturing neuronal and non-neuronal cells within Xona’s Silicone Devices and XonaChips®

Xona’s platform technology serves as an indispensable in vitro tool for co-culture studies. This Tech Note highlights different examples of co-culturing neuronal and non-neuronal cells together within Xona’s microfluidic devices and chips, including the culture of muscle cells, keratinocytes, and oligodendrocytes.

Retrograde labeling of neurons using  pseudorabies virus in XonaChips®

This TechNote describes fluorescent retrograde labeling of neurons via pseudorabies viral infection of axons isolated within the axonal compartment of XonaChips®. Results using this method are illustrated using E18 rat hippocampal neurons and similar results are found using human stem cell derived neurons.

3D cultures in XonaChips®

This protocol describes a procedure for 3D culturing of neurons using Matrigel® within XonaChips®. Results using this method are illustrated using E18 rat neurons.

Introducing XonaChips®

Xona Microfluidics, Inc. has developed a new easy-to-use microfluidic chip to compartmentalize neurons and establish microenvironments, called the XonaChips®. XonaChips® are made out of an optically transparent plastic, cyclic olefin copolymer, which allows us to offer fully assembled chips that require few preparation steps, and result in excellent neuronal growth.

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