PUBLICATIONS with Xona Microfluidics® products


Cong, M., X. Wu, L.-j. Zhu, G.-h. Gu, F. Ding, G.-c. Li and H.-y. Shi, 2024. Anisotropic microtopography surface of chitosan scaffold regulating skin precursor-derived schwann cells towards repair phenotype promotes neural regeneration. Regenerative Biomaterials: rbae005.
Tags: injury, motor neurons, SND150

Moya-Alvarado, G., A. Aguirre-Soto and F. C. Bronfman, 2024. Multiple Labeling of Compartmentalized Cortical Neurons in Microfluidic Chambers. Bio Protoc 14(1): e4911. 10.21769/BioProtoc.4911
Tags: primary, RD450, SND450

Kakuda, K., K. Ikenaka, A. Kuma, J. Doi, C. Aguirre, N. Wang, T. Ajiki, C.-J. Choong, Y. Kimura, S. M. M. Badawy, T. Shima, S. Nakamura, K. Baba, S. Nagano, Y. Nagai, T. Yoshimori and H. Mochizuki, 2024. Lysophagy protects against propagation of α-synuclein aggregation through ruptured lysosomal vesicles. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 121(1): e2312306120.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, SND450

Gu, M., X. Cheng, D. Zhang, W. Wu, Y. Cao and J. He, 2024. Chemokine platelet factor 4 accelerates peripheral nerve regeneration by regulating Schwann cell activation and axon elongation. Neural Regeneration Research 19(1). * uses SND150 with rat DRG neurons.http://10.4103/1673-5374.375346
Tags: DRG, injury, rat, SND150

Luczo, J. M., S. J. Edwards, K. Ardipradja, W. W. Suen, G. G. Au, G. A. Marsh, N. Godde, C. L. Rootes, J. Bingham and V. Sundaramoorthy, 2024. SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2 display limited neuronal infection and lack the ability to transmit within synaptically connected axons in stem cell–derived human neurons. Journal of NeuroVirology. * uses SND450s with human iPSC-derived NPCs.
Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, NPC, SND450


Pisciottani, A., L. Croci, F. Lauria, C. Marullo, E. Savino, A. Ambrosi, P. Podini, M. Marchioretto, F. Casoni, O. Cremona, S. Taverna, A. Quattrini, J.-M. Cioni, G. Viero, F. Codazzi and G. G. Consalez, 2023. Neuronal models of TDP-43 proteinopathy display reduced axonal translation, increased oxidative stress, and defective exocytosis. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 17.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, primary, SND450

Linares, G. R., Y. Li, W.-H. Chang, J. Rubin-Sigler, S. Mendonca, S. Hong, Y. Eoh, W. Guo, Y.-H. Huang, J. Chang, S. Tu, N. Dorjsuren, M. Santana, S.-T. Hung, J. Yu, J. Perez, M. Chickering, T.-Y. Cheng, C.-C. Huang, S.-J. J. Lee, H.-J. Deng, K.-T. Bach, K. Gray, V. Subramanyam, J. Rosenfeld, S. V. Alworth, H. Goodarzi and J. K. Ichida, 2023. SYF2 suppression mitigates neurodegeneration in models of diverse forms of ALS. Cell Stem Cell 30(2): 171-187.e114.
Tags: axotomy, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, lentivirus, XC900

Dinamarca, M. C., L. Colombo, U. Brykczynska, A. Grimm, I. Fruh, I. Hossain, D. Gabriel, A. Eckert, M. Müller and E. Pecho-Vrieseling, 2023. Transmission-selective muscle pathology induced by the active propagation of mutant huntingtin across the human neuromuscular synapse. Front Mol Neurosci 16: 1287510.
Tags: iMD3, motor neurons, myotubes, XC450

Kropf, E., A. Shekari, S. Jaberi, A. Puri, C. Wu and M. Fahnestock, 2023. Age-induced nitrative stress decreases retrograde transport of proNGF via TrkA and increases proNGF retrograde transport and neurodegeneration via p75(NTR). Front Mol Neurosci 16: 1241420.
Tags: basal forebrain cholinergic neurons, primary, XC450

Samar, A., P. Melanie, N. Masahiro, S. Siyuan, C. Tania, L. W. Jeffrey and A. Liliana, 2023. Exosomes promote axon outgrowth and a polarized neuronal morphology by engaging the Wnt-Planar Cell Polarity pathway. bioRxiv: 2023.2010.2028.564542.
Tags: cortical neurons, exosomes, preprint, primary, XC150

Paraskevi, T., S. Jolien, S. Wendy, S. Adria, D. Katarina Stoklund, C. Adriana Margarida Barbosa, P. Arun, H. Andreas, D. Philip Van, M. Thomas and B. Ludo Van Den, 2023. PP2A and GSK3 act as modifiers of FUS-ALS by modulating mitochondrial transport. bioRxiv: 2023.2008.2028.555106.
Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, myoblasts, neuromuscular junction (NMJ), preprint, XC150

Abdolhossein, Z., S. Saeede, B. Michael and S. Michael, 2023. Prevention of tau accumulation through inhibition of hnRNP R-dependent axonal <em>Mapt</em> mRNA localization. bioRxiv: 2023.2007.2019.549639.
Tags: motor neurons, mouse, preprint, primary, SND150

Costamagna, D., V. Bastianini, M. Corvelyn, R. Duelen, J. Deschrevel, N. De Beukelaer, H. De Houwer, M. Sampaolesi, G. Gayan-Ramirez, A. V. Campenhout and K. Desloovere, 2023. Botulinum Toxin Treatment of Adult Muscle Stem Cells from Children with Cerebral Palsy and hiPSC-Derived Neuromuscular Junctions. Cells 12 DOI: 10.3390/cells12162072.
Tags: hiPSC-derived, lower motor neurons, myoblasts, neuromuscular junction (NMJ), XC150

Van Breedam, E., T. Buyle-Huybrecht, J. Govaerts, P. Meysman, A. Bours, M. Boeren, J. Di Stefano, T. Caers, H. De Reu, L. Dirkx, J. Schippers, E. Bartholomeus, M. Lebrun, C. Sadzot-Delvaux, P. Rybakowska, M. E. Alarcón-Riquelme, C. Marañón, K. Laukens, P. Delputte, B. Ogunjimi and P. Ponsaerts, 2023. Lack of strong innate immune reactivity renders macrophages alone unable to control productive Varicella-Zoster Virus infection in an isogenic human iPSC-derived neuronal co-culture model. Frontiers in Immunology 14.
Tags: co-cultures, hiPSC-derived, macrophages, XC150

Arun, P., G. Dajana, G. Hannes, Z. Vitaly, G. René, C. Marica, M. B. Tobias, S. Jared, S. Erik, P. Susanne, W. Florian, G. Stefan, P.-M. Francisco and H. Andreas, 2023. DJ-1 products glycolic acid and D-lactate restore deficient axonal trafficking and DNA damage response in FUS and SOD1-associated amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. bioRxiv: 2023.2009.2020.558653.10.1101/2023.09.20.558653
Tags: hiPSC-derived, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, motor neurons, preprint, RD900

Chen, C., R. Kumbhar, H. Wang, X. Yang, K. Gadhave, C. Rastegar, Y. Kimura, A. Behensky, S. Katakam, D. Jeong, L. Wang, A. Wang, R. Chen, S. Zhang, L. Jin, C. J. Workman, D. A. A. Vignali, O. Pletinkova, D. W. Nauen, P. C. Wong, J. C. Troncoso, M. Ying, V. L. Dawson, T. M. Dawson and X. Mao, 2023. Pathological Tau transmission initiated by binding lymphocyte-activation gene 3. bioRxiv.10.1101/2023.05.16.541015
Tags: mouse, preprint, primary, TCND1000

Danastas, K., G. Guo, J. Merjane, N. Hong, A. Larsen, M. Miranda-Saksena and L. Cunningham Anthony, 2023. Interferon inhibits the release of herpes simplex virus-1 from the axons of sensory neurons. mBio 14(5): e01818-01823.
Tags: primary, rat, SND450, viral infection

Smith, C. S., Z. Álvarez, R. Qiu, I. R. Sasselli, T. Clemons, J. A. Ortega, M. Vilela-Picos, H. Wellman, E. Kiskinis and S. I. Stupp, 2023. Enhanced Neuron Growth and Electrical Activity by a Supramolecular Netrin-1 Mimetic Nanofiber. ACS Nano 17(20): 19887-19902.
Tags: XC450

Mutschler, C., S. V. Fazal, N. Schumacher, A. Loreto, M. P. Coleman and P. Arthur-Farraj, 2023. Schwann cells are axo-protective after injury irrespective of myelination status in mouse Schwann cell–neuron cocultures. Journal of Cell Science 136(18): jcs261557. * uses Xona's silicone devices (SND150) with mouse primary co-cultures of DRG and myelinating Schwann cells.
Tags: co-culture, DRG, mouse, myelination, primary, Schwann cells, SND150

Gu, M., X. Li, R. Wu, X. Cheng, S. Zhou and X. Gu, 2023. The Transcription Factor Ets1 Influences Axonal Growth via Regulation of Lcn2. Molecular Neurobiology.
Tags: embryonic, injury, rat, SND150, spinal cord neurons

Wu, Z., R. Zhu, Y. Yu, J. Wang, X. Hu, W. Xu, Y. Ren, C. Li, Z. Zeng, B. Ma, N. Xie, G. Lin, B. Ma, R. Zhu, K. Ye and L. Cheng, 2023. Spinal cord injury-activated C/EBPβ-AEP axis mediates cognitive impairment through APP C586/Tau N368 fragments spreading. Progress in Neurobiology 227: 102467.
Tags: hippocampal neurons, primary, SND450

Van Dyck, A., L. Masin, S. Bergmans, G. Schevenels, A. Beckers, B. Vanhollebeke and L. Moons, 2023. A new microfluidic model to study dendritic remodeling and mitochondrial dynamics during axonal regeneration of adult zebrafish retinal neurons. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 16.
Tags: adult, SND450, SOC450, XC pre-coat, zebrafish

Brummer, T., M. Schillner, F. Steffen, F. Kneilmann, B. Wasser, T. Uphaus, F. Zipp and S. Bittner, 2023. Spatial transcriptomics and neurofilament light chain reveal changes in lesion patterns in murine autoimmune neuroinflammation. Journal of Neuroinflammation 20(1): 262. * uses XC450 XonaChips with microglia-axon co-cultures.
Tags: cortical neurons, microglia, primary, XC450

Boal, A. M., N. R. McGrady, X. Chamling, B. S. Kagitapalli, D. J. Zack, D. J. Calkins and M. L. Risner, 2023. Microfluidic Platforms Promote Polarization of Human-Derived Retinal Ganglion Cells That Model Axonopathy. Translational Vision Science & Technology 12(4): 1-1. * uses XC450 XonaChips with hESC-derived RGCs.
Tags: hESC-derived, retinal ganglion cells, XC450

Salehi, S., A. Zare, G. Prezza, J. Bader, C. Schneider, U. Fischer, F. Meissner, M. Mann, M. Briese and M. Sendtner, 2023. Cytosolic Ptbp2 modulates axon growth in motoneurons through axonal localization and translation of Hnrnpr. Nature Communications 14(1): 4158. * uses IND150 and RD150 silicone devices with mouse motoneurons.
Tags: IND150, motor neurons, mouse, primary, RD450

Murata, H., Y. Yasui, K. Oiso, T. Ochi, N. Tomonobu, K.-i. Yamamoto, R. Kinoshita and M. Sakaguchi, 2023. STAT1/3 signaling suppresses axon degeneration and neuronal cell death through regulation of NAD+-biosynthetic and consuming enzymes. Cellular Signalling 108: 110717. * uses SND450 silicone devices with human iPSC-derived neurons
Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, SND450

Gatti, M., K. S. Dittlau, F. Beretti, L. Yedigaryan, M. Zavatti, P. Cortelli, C. Palumbo, E. Bertucci, L. Van Den Bosch, M. Sampaolesi and T. Maraldi, 2023. Human Neuromuscular Junction on a Chip: Impact of Amniotic Fluid Stem Cell Extracellular Vesicles on Muscle Atrophy and NMJ Integrity. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24(5): 4944. * uses XC150 XonaChips with human-derived myotube and motor neuron co-cultures.
Tags: co-culture, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, human, motor neurons, myotubes, stem cells, XC150

Subramani, M., M. J. Van Hook and I. Ahmad, 2023. Reproducible generation of human retinal ganglion cells from banked retinal progenitor cells: analysis of target recognition and IGF-1-mediated axon regeneration. Front Cell Dev Biol 11: 1214104. * uses SND450 silicone devices with human RGC
Tags: human, injury, retinal ganglion cells, SND450

Baker, C. A., S. Tyagi, G. P. Higerd-Rusli, S. Liu, P. Zhao, F. B. Dib-Hajj, S. G. Waxman and S. D. Dib-Hajj, 2023. Paclitaxel effects on axonal localization and vesicular trafficking of NaV1.8. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 16. * Uses SND450 silicone devices with rat DRG neurons.
Tags: DRG, rat, SND450

Siddiq, M. M., C. A. Toro, N. P. Johnson, J. Hansen, Y. Xiong, W. Mellado, R. E. Tolentino, K. Johnson, G. Jayaraman, Z. Suhail, L. Harlow, J. Dai, K. G. Beaumont, R. Sebra, D. E. Willis, C. P. Cardozo and R. Iyengar, 2023. Spinal cord injury regulates circular RNA expression in axons. Front Mol Neurosci 16: 1183315. * uses Xona's silicone devices (SND450) with primary cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, injury, mouse, primary, rat, SND450

Kandhavivorn, W., H. Glaß, T. Herrmannsdörfer, T. M. Böckers, M. Uhlarz, J. Gronemann, R. H. W. Funk, J. Pietzsch, A. Pal and A. Hermann, 2023. Restoring Axonal Organelle Motility and Regeneration in Cultured FUS-ALS Motoneurons through Magnetic Field Stimulation Suggests an Alternative Therapeutic Approach. Cells 12 DOI: 10.3390/cells12111502. * uses Xona's silicone devices (RD900) with hiPSC-derived motor neurons.
Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, RD900

Chan, C., K. Ramhari, W. Hu, Y. Xiuli, G. Kundlik, R. Cyrus, K. Yasuyoshi, B. Adam, K. Sruthi, J. Deok, W. Liang, W. Anthony, C. Rong, Z. Shu, J. Lingtao, J. W. Creg, A. A. V. Dario, P. Olga, W. N. David, C. W. Philip, C. T. Juan, Y. Mingyao, L. D. Valina, M. D. Ted and M. Xiaobo, 2023. Pathological Tau transmission initiated by binding lymphocyte-activation gene 3. bioRxiv: 2023.2005.2016.541015. * uses Xona's silicone devices (TCND1000) with primary mouse cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, preprint, primary, TCND1000

Clara, M., V. F. Shaline, S. Nathalie, L. Andrea, P. C. Michael and A.-F. Peter, 2023. Distinct axo-protective and axo-destructive roles for Schwann cells after injury in a novel compartmentalised mouse myelinating coculture system. bioRxiv: 2023.2005.2019.541371. * uses Xona's silicone devices (SND150) with mouse primary co-cultures of DRG and myelinating Schwann cells.
Tags: co-culture, DRG, mouse, myelination, preprint, primary, Schwann cells, SND150

Alessandra, P., C. Laura, L. Fabio, M. Chiara, S. Elisa, A. Alessandro, P. Paola, M. Marta, C. Filippo, C. Ottavio, T. Stefano, Q. Angelo, C. Jean-Michel, V. Gabriella, C. Franca and G. G. Consalez, 2023. Two neuronal models of TDP-43 proteinopathy display reduced axonal translation, increased oxidative stress, and defective exocytosis. bioRxiv: 2023.2005.2017.540919. * uses Xona's silicone devices (SND450) with mouse cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, preprint, primary, SND450

Aiken, J. and E. L. F. Holzbaur, 2023. Spastin locally amplifies microtubule dynamics to pattern the axon for presynaptic cargo delivery. bioRxiv. * uses XonaChip (XC450) with human iPSC-derived i3Neurons.
Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, i3Neurons, preprint, XC450

Zimyanin, V. L., A.-M. Pielka, H. Glaß, J. Japtok, D. Großmann, M. Martin, A. Deussen, B. Szewczyk, C. Deppmann, E. Zunder, P. M. Andersen, T. M. Boeckers, J. Sterneckert, S. Redemann, A. Storch and A. Hermann, 2023. Live Cell Imaging of ATP Levels Reveals Metabolic Compartmentalization within Motoneurons and Early Metabolic Changes in FUS ALS Motoneurons. Cells 12 DOI: 10.3390/cells12101352. * uses Xona's silicone devices (RD900) with human iPSC-derived motoneurons.
Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, human, RD900

Cai, X., M. Han, F. Lou, Y. Sun, Q. Yin, L. Sun, Z. Wang, X. Li, H. Zhou, Z. Xu, H. Wang, S. Deng, X. Zheng, T. Zhang, Q. Li, B. Zhou and H. Wang, 2023. Tenascin C+ papillary fibroblasts facilitate neuro-immune interaction in a mouse model of psoriasis. Nature Communications 14(1): 2004. * uses XonaChips (XC150) with mouse DRG co-cultures.
Tags: co-culture, DRG, mouse, primary, XC150

Salas-Lucia, F., C. Fekete, R. Sinkó, P. Egri, K. Rada, Y. Ruska, B. Gereben and A. C. Bianco, 2023. Axonal T3 uptake and transport can trigger thyroid hormone signaling in the brain. eLife 12: e82683. * uses XonaChips (XC450) with primary mouse cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, primary, XC450

De Vincentiis, S.Baggiani, M.Merighi, F.Cappello, V.Lopane, J.Di Caprio, M.Costa, M.Mainardi, M.Onorati, M.Raffa, V.Low Forces Push the Maturation of Neural Precursors into NeuronsSmall 2023, 2205871. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD150) with hiPSC-differentiated spinal cord neurons.
Tags: hiPSC-derived, RD150, spinal cord neurons

Neel DV, Basu H, Gunner G, Bergstresser MD, Giadone RM, Chung H, Miao R, Chou V, Brody E, Jiang X, Lee E, Watts ME, Marques C, Held A, Wainger B, Lagier-Tourenne C, Zhang YJ, Petrucelli L, Young-Pearse TL, Chen-Plotkin AS, Rubin LL, Lieberman J, Chiu IM. Gasdermin-E mediates mitochondrial damage in axons and neurodegeneration. Neuron. 2023 Apr 19;111(8):1222-1240.e9. * uses XonaChips® (XC450) and Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD450) using mouse cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, RD450, XC450

Xu, X., Zhang, H., Li, J., Chen, Y., Zhong, W., Chen, Y., Ma, X., 2023. Combination of EPC-EXs and NPC-EXs with miR-126 and miR-210 overexpression produces better therapeutic effects on ischemic stroke by protecting neurons through the Nox2/ROS and BDNF/TrkB pathways. Exp Neurol 359, 114235.

Kaniyappan, S., Balaji, V., Wang, Y., Mandelkow, E., 2023. Microfluidic Chamber Technology to Study Missorting and Spreading of Tau Protein in Alzheimer’s Disease, in: Cieplak, A.S. (Ed.), Protein Aggregation: Methods and Protocols. New York, NY: Springer US, pp. 111-123. * uses Xona’s Silicone (PDMS) Devices (RD150, TCND1000) with primary rat cortical or hippocampal neurons **PROTOCOL**
Tags: cortical neurons, hippocampal neurons, primary, protocol, rat, RD150, TCND1000

Higerd-Rusli, G.P., Tyagi, S., Baker, C.A., Liu, S., Dib-Hajj, F.B., Dib-Hajj, S.D., Waxman, S.G., 2023. Inflammation differentially controls transport of depolarizing Nav versus hyperpolarizing Kv channels to drive rat nociceptor activity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 120, e2215417120.
Tags: basic research, DOC450, postnatal, rat

Stoklund Dittlau, K., Terrie, L., Baatsen, P., Kerstens, A., De Swert, L., Janky, R.s., Corthout, N., Masrori, P., Van Damme, P., Hyttel, P., Meyer, M., Thorrez, L., Freude, K., Van Den Bosch, L., 2023. FUS-ALS hiPSC-derived astrocytes impair human motor units through both gain-of-toxicity and loss-of-support mechanisms. Molecular Neurodegeneration 18, 5. * uses XonaChips® (XC150) with co-culture of hiPSC-derived motor neurons and astrocytes with human primary myoblasts.
Tags: astrocytes, co-culture, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, myoblasts, XC150

Yang, X., Tohda, C., 2023. Axonal Regeneration Mediated by a Novel Axonal Guidance Pair, Galectin-1 and Secernin-1. Mol Neurobiol 60, 1250-1266.
Tags: hippocampal neurons, primary

Falconieri, A., De Vincentiis, S., Cappello, V., Convertino, D., Das, R., Ghignoli, S., Figoli, S., Luin, S., Català-Castro, F., Marchetti, L., Borello, U., Krieg, M., Raffa, V., 2023. Axonal plasticity in response to active forces generated through magnetic nano-pulling. Cell Reports 42, 111912. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD150) with primary mouse hippocampal and DRG neurons.
Tags: DRG, hippocampal neurons, mouse, RD150

Hennlein, L., Ghanawi, H., Gerstner, F., Palominos García, E., Yildirim, E., Saal-Bauernschubert, L., Moradi, M., Deng, C., Klein, T., Appenzeller, S., Sauer, M., Briese, M., Simon, C., Sendtner, M., Jablonka, S., 2023. Plastin 3 rescues cell surface translocation and activation of TrkB in spinal muscular atrophy. Journal of Cell Biology 222, e202204113.
Tags: motor neurons, mouse, primary, SND150, spinal muscular atrophy

Vevea, J.D., Chapman, E.R., 2023. Mitofusin 2 sustains the axonal mitochondrial network to support presynaptic Ca2+ homeostasis and the synaptic vesicle cycle in rat hippocampal axons. The Journal of Neuroscience, JN-RM-1356-1322.
Tags: basic research, hippocampal neurons, rat

Limone, F., Guerra San Juan, I., Mitchell, J.M., Smith, J.L.M., Raghunathan, K., Meyer, D., Ghosh, S.D., Couto, A., Klim, J.R., Joseph, B.J., Gold, J., Mello, C.J., Nemesh, J., Smith, B.M., Verhage, M., McCarroll, S.A., Pietiläinen, O., Nehme, R., Eggan, K., 2023. Efficient generation of lower induced motor neurons by coupling Ngn2 expression with developmental cues. Cell Reports 42, 111896. * uses XonaChips® (XC450) with co-culture of human lower induced motor neurons (liMNs) and primary murine myoblasts.
Tags: co-culture, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, myoblasts, XC450

Higerd-Rusli, G.P., Tyagi, S., Liu, S., Dib-Hajj, F.B., Waxman, S.G., Dib-Hajj, S.D., 2023. The fates of internalized NaV1.7 channels in sensory neurons: Retrograde cotransport with other ion channels, axon-specific recycling, and degradation. Journal of Biological Chemistry 299 * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (DOC450) with primary rat DRGs (P2-4).
Tags: basic research, DOC450, postnatal, rat

Antoniou, A., Auderset, L., Kaurani, L., Sebastian, E., Zeng, Y., Allahham, M., Cases-Cunillera, S., Schoch, S., Gründemann, J., Fischer, A., Schneider, A., 2023. Neuronal extracellular vesicles and associated microRNAs induce circuit connectivity downstream BDNF. Cell Reports 42 * uses XonaChips® (XC150) and Silicone Devices (TCND500) with mouse cortical and hippocampal neurons (E16).
Tags: cortical neurons, hippocampal neurons, mouse, TCND500, XC150

Hanč, P., Gonzalez, R.J., Mazo, I.B., Wang, Y., Lambert, T., Ortiz, G., Miller, E.W., von Andrian, U.H., Multimodal control of dendritic cell functions by nociceptors. Science 379, eabm5658. * co-culture of nociceptors and dendritic cells
Tags: co-culture, dendritic cells, mouse, nociceptors, pain

Subramani, M., Hook, M.V., Rajamoorthy, M., Qiu, F., Ahmad, I., 2023. Human Retinal Ganglion Cells Respond to Evolutionarily Conserved Chemotropic Cues for Intra Retinal Guidance and Regeneration. bioRxiv, 2023.2002.2001.526677 * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with human retinal ganglion cells and rat retinal cells.
Tags: human, preprint, rat, retinal ganglion cells, SND450


Arsić, A., Nikić-Spiegel, I., 2022. The tail domain of neurofilament light chain accumulates in neuronal nuclei during oxidative injury. bioRxiv, 2022.2003.2003.481279. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with primary mouse cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, preprint, primary, SND450

Dumoulin, A., Wilson, N.H., Tucker, K.L., Stoeckli, E.T., 2022. A cell-autonomous role for primary cilia in long-range commissural axon guidance. bioRxiv, 2022.2008.2015.503894.
Tags: preprint

Salas-Lucia, F., Fekete, C., Sinkó, R., Egri, P., Rada, K., Ruska, Y., Bocco, B., Fonseca, T., Gereben, B., Bianco, A.C., 2022. A PATHWAY FOR T3 SIGNALING IN THE BRAIN TO IMPROVE THE VARIABLE EFFECTIVENESS OF THERAPY WITH L-T4. bioRxiv, 2022.2008.2017.504300.

Kimourtzis, G., Rangwani, N., Jenkins, B.J., McNaughton, P.A., Raouf, R., 2022. A microfluidic-based model of nociceptor sensitization reveals a direct activation of sensory axons by prostaglandin E2. bioRxiv, * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150 and TCND500) with adult mouse DRG neurons.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150, TCND500

Shekari, A., Fahnestock, M., 2022. Retrograde axonal transport of Neurotrophins in basal forebrain cholinergic neurons, Axonal Transport: Methods and Protocols: Springer, pp. 249-270.  * uses XonaChips® (XC450) and ChipTrays with rat or mouse basal forebrain cholinergic neurons. **PROTOCOL**
Tags: basal forebrain cholinergic neurons, ChipTray, mouse, protocol, rat, XC450

Danastas, K., Larsen, A., Jobson, S., Guo, G., Cunningham, A.L., Miranda-Saksena, M., 2022. Herpes simplex virus-1 utilizes the host actin cytoskeleton for its release from axonal growth cones. PLOS Pathogens 18, e1010264. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, SND450

Lee, S., Park, D., Lim, C., Kim, J.-I., Min, K.-T., 2022. mtIF3 is locally translated in axons and regulates mitochondrial translation for axonal growth. BMC Biology 20, 12.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD150)
Tags: RD150

He, Q.-R., Cong, M., Yu, F.-H., Ji, Y.-H., Yu, S., Shi, H.-Y., Ding, F., 2022. Peripheral nerve fibroblasts secrete neurotrophic factors to promote axon growth of motoneurons. Neural Regeneration Research 17, 1833-1840. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150)
Tags: SND150

Yin, Q., Sun, L., Cai, X., Lou, F., Sun, Y., Wang, B., Jiang, B., Bao, L., Li, X., Song, N., Tang, S., Bai, J., Wang, Z., Wu, Y., Zhou, H., Wang, H., Yu, B., Li, Q., Wang, H., 2022. Lidocaine Ameliorates Psoriasis by Obstructing Pathogenic CGRP Signaling-Mediated Sensory Neuron-Dendritic Cell Communication. Journal of Investigative Dermatology.

Fornetti, E., Testa, S., De Paolis, F., Fuoco, C., Bernardini, S., Pozo Devoto, V., Stokin, G.B., Giannitelli, S.M., Rainer, A., Bigot, A., Zoccali, C., Baldi, J., Sandonà, D., Rizzi, R., Bearzi, C., Forte, G., Cannata, S., Gargioli, C., 2022. Dystrophic Muscle Affects Motoneuron Axon Outgrowth and NMJ Assembly. Advanced Materials Technologies n/a, 2101216.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD450) with hiPSC-derived neurons and muscle-derived hMSCs.
Tags: hiPSC-derived, muscle-derived hMSCs, RD450

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Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, RD450

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, spiral ganglion neurons, XC450


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Tags: cortical neurons, embryonic, mouse, RD450

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Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, human, motor neurons, neuromuscular junction (NMJ), SND75, XC150


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Tags: cortical neurons, DRG, mouse, SND450

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Tags: DRG, rat, SND450, XC900, XonaPDL

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Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat, RD450, TCND500

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Tags: co-culture, cortical neurons, microglia, mouse, SND450

Aravamudhan, P., Raghunathan, K., Konopka-Anstadt, J., Pathak, A., Sutherland, D.M., Carter, B.D., Dermody, T.S., 2020. Reovirus uses macropinocytosis-mediated entry and fast axonal transport to infect neurons. PLoS pathogens 16, e1008380-e1008380. PMID: 32109948 * uses XonaChips® (XC450) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, XC450

Leitão, L., Neto, E., Conceição, F., Monteiro, A., Couto, M., Alves, C.J., Sousa, D.M., Lamghari, M., 2020. Osteoblasts are inherently programmed to repel sensory innervation. Bone Research 8, 20. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse DRG neurons co-cultured with human mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)-differentiated osteoblasts
Tags: co-culture, DRG, human, mouse, osteoblasts, SND450, stem cells

Cornejo, V.H., Gonzalez, C., Campos, M., Vargas-Saturno, L., Juricic, M.L.A., Miserey-Lenkei, S., Pertusa, M., Madrid, R., Couve, A., 2020. Non-conventional Axonal Organelles Control TRPM8 Ion Channel Trafficking and Peripheral Cold Sensing. Cell Rep 30, 4505-4517 e4505. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices with mouse trigeminal and DRG neurons
Tags: co-culture, DRG, mouse, SND450, trigeminal

Danastas, K., Cunningham, A.L., Miranda-Saksena, M., 2020. The Use of Microfluidic Neuronal Devices to Study the Anterograde Axonal Transport of Herpes Simplex Virus-1. Methods Mol Biol 2060, 409-418.
Tags: protocol

Sundaramoorthy, V., Godde, N., Farr, R.J., Green, D., Haynes, J.M., Bingham, J., O’Brien, C.M., Dearnley, M., 2020. Modelling Lyssavirus Infections in Human Stem Cell-Derived Neural Cultures. Viruses 12. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with human iPSC-differentiated neurons
Tags: hiPSC-derived, SND150

Abo-Rady, M., Kalmbach, N., Pal, A., Schludi, C., Janosch, A., Richter, T., Freitag, P., Bickle, M., Kahlert, A.K., Petri, S., Stefanov, S., Glass, H., Staege, S., Just, W., Bhatnagar, R., Edbauer, D., Hermann, A., Wegner, F., Sterneckert, J.L., 2020. Knocking out C9ORF72 Exacerbates Axonal Trafficking Defects Associated with Hexanucleotide Repeat Expansion and Reduces Levels of Heat Shock Proteins. Stem Cell Reports 14, 390-405. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices with human iPSC-differentiated motor neurons
Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, SND450

Soleilhavoup, C., Travaglio, M., Patrick, K., Garcao, P., Boobalan, E., Adolfs, Y., Spriggs, R.V., Moles-Garcia, E., Dhiraj, D., Oosterveen, T., Ferri, S.L., Abel, T., Brodkin, E.S., Pasterkamp, R.J., Brooks, B.P., Panman, L., 2020. Nolz1 expression is required in dopaminergic axon guidance and striatal innervation. Nat Commun 11, 3111. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND900) with mouse midbrain and striatum co-cultures
Tags: co-culture, midbrain, mouse, SND900, striatum

Tian, N., Hanson, K.A., Canty, A.J., Vickers, J.C., King, A.E., 2020. Microtubule-dependent processes precede pathological calcium influx in excitotoxin-induced axon degeneration. J Neurochem 152, 542-555. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, SND450

Mak, H.K., Yung, J.S.Y., Weinreb, R.N., Ng, S.H., Cao, X., Ho, T.Y.C., Ng, T.K., Chu, W.K., Yung, W.H., Choy, K.W., Wang, C.C., Lee, T.L., Leung, C.K., 2020. MicroRNA-19a-PTEN Axis Is Involved in the Developmental Decline of Axon Regenerative Capacity in Retinal Ganglion Cells. Mol Ther Nucleic Acids 21, 251-263.* uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD450) with mouse retinal ganglion cells
Tags: mouse, RD450, retinal ganglion cells

Nagano, S., Jinno, J., Abdelhamid, R.F., Jin, Y., Shibata, M., Watanabe, S., Hirokawa, S., Nishizawa, M., Sakimura, K., Onodera, O., Okada, H., Okada, T., Saito, Y., Takahashi-Fujigasaki, J., Murayama, S., Wakatsuki, S., Mochizuki, H., Araki, T., 2020. TDP-43 transports ribosomal protein mRNA to regulate axonal local translation in neuronal axons. Acta Neuropathol 140, 695-713. 

Watters, O., Connolly, N.M.C., König, H.-G., Düssmann, H., Prehn, J.H.M., 2020. AMPK Preferentially Depresses Retrograde Transport of Axonal Mitochondria during Localized Nutrient Deprivation. The Journal of Neuroscience 40, 4798.

Fujita, Y., Yamashita, T., 2020. Protocol for Co-culture of Microglia with Axons. STAR Protocols, 100111.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse co-cultures with cortical neurons and microglia
Tags: co-culture, cortical neurons, mouse, SND450

Aravamudhan, P., Raghunathan, K., Dermody, T.S., 2020. Confocal Microscopy of Reovirus Transport in Living Dorsal Root Ganglion Neurons. Bio Protoc 10, e3825.  * uses XonaChips® (XC450) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, XC450

Yezid, Hocine; Lay, Christian T.; Pannhorst, Katrin; Chowdhury, Shafiqul I. 2020. “Two Separate Tyrosine-Based YXXL/Φ Motifs within the Glycoprotein E Cytoplasmic Tail of Bovine Herpesvirus 1 Contribute in Virus Anterograde Neuronal Transport” Viruses 12, no. 9: 1025.

Wu, Q., Shaikh, M.A., Meymand, E.S., Zhang, B., Luk, K.C., Trojanowski, J.Q., Lee, V.M.Y., 2020. Neuronal activity modulates alpha-synuclein aggregation and spreading in organotypic brain slice cultures and in vivo. Acta Neuropathol 140, 831-849.

Zhang, Y., Qin, Y., Chopp, M., Li, C., Kemper, A., Liu, X., Wang, X., Zhang, L., Zhang Zheng, G., 2020. Ischemic Cerebral Endothelial Cell–Derived Exosomes Promote Axonal Growth. Stroke 51, 3701-3712. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450, TCND500) with rat cortical neurons and exosomes isolated from cerebral endothelial cells (CECs)
Tags: cortical neurons, rat, SND450, TCND500

Banh, R.S., Biancur, D.E., Yamamoto, K., Sohn, A.S.W., Walters, B., Kuljanin, M., Gikandi, A., Wang, H., Mancias, J.D., Schneider, R.J., Pacold, M.E., Kimmelman, A.C., 2020. Neurons Release Serine to Support mRNA Translation in Pancreatic Cancer. Cell 183, 1202-1218.e1225.

Lomoio S, Willen R, Kim W, Ho KZ, Robinson EK, Prokopenko D, Kennedy ME, Tanzi RE, Tesco G., 2020. Gga3 deletion and a GGA3 rare variant associated with late onset Alzheimer’s disease trigger BACE1 accumulation in axonal swellings. Sci Transl Med.  Nov 18;12(570):eaba1871. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse hippocampal neurons
Tags: hippocampal neurons, mouse, SND450

Liu, M., Pi, H., Xi, Y., Wang, L., Tian, L., Chen, M., Xie, J., Deng, P., Zhang, T., Zhou, C., Liang, Y., Zhang, L., He, M., Lu, Y., Chen, C., Yu, Z., Zhou, Z., 2020. KIF5A-dependent axonal transport deficiency disrupts autophagic flux in trimethyltin chloride-induced neurotoxicity. Autophagy 17, 903-924.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450)
Tags: SND450


Li, C., Zhang, Y., Levin, A.M., Fan, B.Y., Teng, H., Ghannam, M.M., Chopp, M., Zhang, Z.G., 2019. Distal Axonal Proteins and Their Related MiRNAs in Cultured Cortical Neurons. Mol Neurobiol. Apr;56(4):2703-2713. doi: 10.1007/s12035-018-1266-7. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with rat cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, rat, SND450

Fantuzzo, J.A., Hart, R.P., Zahn, J.D., Pang, Z.P., 2019. Compartmentalized Devices as Tools for Investigation of Human Brain Network Dynamics. Dev Dyn 248, 65-77. doi: 10.1002/dvdy.2466 * Review paper
Tags: review

Klim, J.R., Williams, L.A., Limone, F., Guerra San Juan, I., Davis-Dusenbery, B.N., Mordes, D.A., Burberry, A., Steinbaugh, M.J., Gamage, K.K., Kirchner, R., Moccia, R., Cassel, S.H., Chen, K., Wainger, B.J., Woolf, C.J., Eggan, K., 2019. ALS-implicated protein TDP-43 sustains levels of STMN2, a mediator of motor neuron growth and repair. Nat Neurosci. Feb;22(2):167-179. doi: 10.1038/s41593-018-0300-4. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with human stem cell (iPSC and ESC) derived motor neurons
Tags: human, motor neurons, SND150, stem cells

Zhu, S., Zhu, J., Zhen, G., Hu, Y., An, S., Li, Y., Zheng, Q., Chen, Z., Yang, Y., Wan, M., Skolasky, R.L., Cao, Y., Wu, T., Gao, B., Yang, M., Gao, M., Kuliwaba, J., Ni, S., Wang, L., Wu, C., Findlay, D., Eltzschig, H.K., Ouyang, H.W., Crane, J., Zhou, F.-Q., Guan, Y., Dong, X., Cao, X., 2019. Subchondral bone osteoclasts induce sensory innervation and osteoarthritis pain. J Clin Invest. 2019 Mar 1;129(3):1076-1093. doi: 10.1172/JCI121561 * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, mouse, SND450

Wang, L., Chopp, M., Lu, X., Szalad, A., Jia, L., Liu, X.S., Wu, K.-H., Lu, M., Zhang, Z.G., 2019. miR-146a mediates thymosin β4 induced neurovascular remodeling of diabetic peripheral neuropathy in type-II diabetic mice. Brain Res. Mar 15;1707:198-207. doi: 10.1016/j.brainres.2018.11.039 * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (Cat. # not specified) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, SND450

Bieri, G., Brahic, M., Bousset, L., Couthouis, J., Kramer, N.J., Ma, R., Nakayama, L., Monbureau, M., Defensor, E., Schüle, B., Shamloo, M., Melki, R., Gitler, A.D., 2019. LRRK2 modifies α-syn pathology and spread in mouse models and human neurons.  Acta Neuropathol. 2019 Mar 29. doi: 10.1007/s00401-019-01995-0. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with human stem cell derived neurons
Tags: human, SND450, stem cells

Kamande, J.W., Nagendran, T., Harris, J., Taylor, A.M., 2019. Multi-compartment Microfluidic Device Geometry and Covalently Bound Poly-D-Lysine Influence Neuronal Maturation. Front. Bioeng. Biotechnol. | doi: 10.3389/fbioe.2019.00084. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450, DOC450) with human stem cell derived glutamatergic neurons **Original research authored by Xona scientists**
Tags: DOC450, glutamatergic, hiPSC-derived, human, SND450, Xona author

Zheng, Y., Zhang, X., Wu, X., Jiang, L., Ahsan, A., Ma, S., Xiao, Z., Han, F., Qin, Z.-H., Hu, W., Chen, Z., 2019. Somatic autophagy of axonal mitochondria in ischemic neurons. The Journal of cell biology 218, 1891-1907. doi: 10.1083/jcb.201804101 * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD450) with mouse cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, RD450

Pu, H., Shi, Y., Zhang, L., Lu, Z., Ye, Q., Leak, R.K., Xu, F., Ma, S., Mu, H., Wei, Z., Xu, N., Xia, Y., Hu, X., Hitchens, T.K., Bennett, M.V.L., Chen, J., 2019. Protease-independent action of tissue plasminogen activator in brain plasticity and neurological recovery after ischemic stroke. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116, 9115, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1821979116.* uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with rat cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, rat, SND450

Paranjape, S. R., Nagendran, T., Poole, V., Harris, J., Taylor, A. M. (2019). Compartmentalization of Human Stem Cell-Derived Neurons within Pre-Assembled Plastic Microfluidic Chips J. Vis. Exp. (147), e59250, doi:10.3791/59250 (2019). * uses XonaChips® (XC150, XC450, XC900) with human stem cell derived glutamatergic neurons **authored by Xona scientists
Tags: glutamatergic, hiPSC-derived, human, protocol, XC150, XC450, XC900, Xona author

Yan, K., Liu, J., Guan, X., Yin, Y. X., Peng, H., Chen, H. C., & Liu, Z. F. (2019). The Carboxyl Terminus of Tegument Protein pUL21 Contributes to Pseudorabies Virus Neuroinvasion. Journal of virology, 93(7), e02052-18. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with chicken DRG neurons
Tags: chicken, DRG, SND450

Hixon, A. M., Clarke, P., & Tyler, K. L. (2019). Contemporary Circulating Enterovirus D68 Strains Infect and Undergo Retrograde Axonal Transport in Spinal Motor Neurons Independent of Sialic Acid. Journal of virology93(16), e00578-19. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD450) with human iPSC-derived motor neurons
Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, human, RD450

Desforges, M., Le Coupanec, A., Dubeau, P., Bourgouin, A., Lajoie, L., Dubé, M., & Talbot, P. J. (2019). Human Coronaviruses and Other Respiratory Viruses: Underestimated Opportunistic Pathogens of the Central Nervous System?. Viruses12(1), 14. * uses XonaChips® (XC150) with murine mixed neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, rat, XC150

Nagendran, T. & Taylor, A.M. (2019). Unique Axon-to-Soma Signaling Pathways Mediate Dendritic Spine Loss and Hyper-Excitability Post-axotomy. Front. Cell. Neurosci., 13(431), * uses Silicone Devices (SND900) with rat hippocampal neurons **Original research authored by Xona scientists**
Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat, SND900, Xona author

Vysokov, N., McMahon, S.B., Raouf, R., 2019. The role of NaV channels in synaptic transmission after axotomy in a microfluidic culture platform. Sci Rep 9, 12915. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-49214-w * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (TCND1000) with rat DRG neurons and dorsal horn co-culture
Tags: co-culture, dorsal horn, DRG, rat, TCND1000

Shekari, A. & Fahnestock, M. (2019). Retrograde axonal transport of BDNF and proNGF diminishes with age in basal forebrain cholinergic neurons. Neurobiol. Aging, 84: 131-140, * uses XonaChips® (XC450) with rat basal forebrain or cortical neurons
Tags: basal forebrain cholinergic neurons, cortical neurons, rat, XC450

Nijssen, J., Aguila, J. and Hedlund, E. (2019). Axon-seq for in Depth Analysis of the RNA Content of Neuronal Processes. Bio-protocol 9(14): e3312. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3312. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150, SND450, SND900) with mouse and human stem cell derived motor neurons
Tags: human, motor neurons, mouse, protocol, SND150, SND450, SND900, stem cells

Barber, A.C., Evans, R.S., Nieuwenhuis, B., Pearson, C.S., Fuchs, J., MacQueen, A.R., Erp, S.v., Haenzi, B., Hulshof, L.A., Osborne, A., Conceicao, R., Deshpande, S.S., Cave, J., ffrench-Constant, C., Smith, P.D., Okkenhaug, K., Eickholt, B.J., Martin, K.R., Fawcett, J.W., Eva, R., 2019. PI 3-kinase delta enhances axonal PIP3 to support axon regeneration in the adult CNS. bioRxiv, 787994. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, SND150

Gruner, H.N., Bae, B., Lynch, M., Oliver, D., So, K., Mastick, G.S., Yan, W., Miura, P., 2019. Precise removal of Calm1 long 3′ UTR isoform by CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing impairs dorsal root ganglion development in mice. bioRxiv, 553990. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, mouse, SND450

Teotia, P., Van Hook, M.J., Fischer, D., Ahmad, I., 2019. Human retinal ganglion cell axon regeneration by recapitulating developmental mechanisms: effects of recruitment of the mTOR pathway. Development 146, dev178012. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with human retinal ganglion cells
Tags: human, retinal ganglion cells, SND450


Jia, L., M. Chopp, L. Wang, X. Lu, Y. Zhang, A. Szalad and Z. G. Zhang, 2018. MiR-34a Regulates Axonal Growth of Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons by Targeting FOXP2 and VAT1 in Postnatal and Adult Mouse. Mol Neurobiol 55(12): 9089-9099.

Jocher, G., S. H. Mannschatz, M. Offterdinger and R. Schweigreiter, 2018. Microfluidics of Small-Population Neurons Allows for a Precise Quantification of the Peripheral Axonal Growth State. Front Cell Neurosci 12: 166. * uses TCND500 silicone devices with mouse sensory DRG and trigeminal neurons.
Tags: DRG, Matrigel, mouse, protocol, sensory neurons, TCND500, trigeminal

Jia, L., M. Chopp, L. Wang, X. Lu, A. Szalad and Z. G. Zhang, 2018. Exosomes derived from high-glucose-stimulated Schwann cells promote development of diabetic peripheral neuropathy. Faseb j 32(12): fj201800597R.

Van Laar, V. S., B. Arnold, E. H. Howlett, M. J. Calderon, C. M. St Croix, J. T. Greenamyre, L. H. Sanders and S. B. Berman, 2018. Evidence for Compartmentalized Axonal Mitochondrial Biogenesis: Mitochondrial DNA Replication Increases in Distal Axons As an Early Response to Parkinson's Disease-Relevant Stress. J Neurosci 38(34): 7505-7515.
Tags: cortical neurons, rat, SND450, SND900

Nagendran, T., V. Poole, J. Harris and A. M. Taylor, 2018. Use of Pre-Assembled Plastic Microfluidic Chips for Compartmentalizing Primary Murine Neurons. Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE(141). * uses XC150, XC450, XC900 XonaChips with rat hippocampal neurons.
Tags: hippocampal neurons, mouse, protocol, rat, XC150, XC450, XC900, Xona author

Nijssen, J., Aguila, J., Hoogstraaten, R., Kee, N., Hedlund, E., 2018. Axon-Seq Decodes the Motor Axon Transcriptome and Its Modulation in Response to ALS. Stem Cell Reports 11, 1565-1578. * uses SND150 silicone devices with human motor neurons.
Tags: ALS, human, motor neurons, SND150

Naumann, M., Pal, A., Goswami, A., Lojewski, X., Japtok, J., Vehlow, A., Naujock, M., Günther, R., Jin, M., Stanslowsky, N., Reinhardt, P., Sterneckert, J., Frickenhaus, M., Pan-Montojo, F., Storkebaum, E., Poser, I., Freischmidt, A., Weishaupt, J.H., Holzmann, K., Troost, D., Ludolph, A.C., Boeckers, T.M., Liebau, S., Petri, S., Cordes, N., Hyman, A.A., Wegner, F., Grill, S.W., Weis, J., Storch, A., Hermann, A., 2018. Impaired DNA damage response signaling by FUS-NLS mutations leads to neurodegeneration and FUS aggregate formation. Nature Communications 9, 335. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (RD900) with human iPSC-differentiated motor neurons
Tags: hiPSC-derived motor neurons, human, RD900


Nagendran, T., R. S. Larsen, R. L. Bigler, S. B. Frost, B. D. Philpot, R. J. Nudo and A. M. Taylor, 2017. Distal axotomy enhances retrograde presynaptic excitability onto injured pyramidal neurons via trans-synaptic signaling. Nature Communications 8(1): 625.
Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat, SND450, SND900, Xona author


Miranda-Saksena, M., A. Boadle Ross, J. Diefenbach Russell and L. Cunningham Anthony, 2016. Dual Role of Herpes Simplex Virus 1 pUS9 in Virus Anterograde Axonal Transport and Final Assembly in Growth Cones in Distal Axons. Journal of Virology 90(5): 2653-2663.

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Westergard, T., Jensen, Brigid K., Wen, X., Cai, J., Kropf, E., Iacovitti, L., Pasinelli, P., Trotti, D., 2016. Cell-to-Cell Transmission of Dipeptide Repeat Proteins Linked to C9orf72-ALS/FTD. Cell Reports 17, 645-652. * uses Xona’s Silicone (PDMS) Devices (SND150) with primary rat cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, primary, rat, SND150


Calafate, S., A. Buist, K. Miskiewicz, V. Vijayan, G. Daneels, B. de Strooper, J. de Wit, P. Verstreken and D. Moechars, 2015. Synaptic Contacts Enhance Cell-to-Cell Tau Pathology Propagation. Cell Reports 11(8): 1176-1183.


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Tags: hippocampal neurons, microfluidic local perfusion device, primary, rat, SND150, SND450, SND900, uLP, Xona author


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Tags: cortical neurons, injury, rat, SND900, Xona author


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Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat, Xona author

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Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat


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Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat, Xona author


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Tags: hippocampal neurons, rat, Xona author

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