There are several methods to order XonaChips® and other Xona products.  The easiest way is to place orders through Xona’s online ordering portal.  Customers may also email Purchase Orders in pdf format on Institutional Letterhead to or fax them to 951-346-5566. International customers, please be sure to use the proper country codes when faxing orders.

Safe Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing is offline, meaning that one’s credit card will not be processed immediately.  Xona will confirm delivery of the product first, then process the credit card manually.  Credit Card information is split and encrypted.  Credit Card information is never stored online and is destroyed once the credit card is processed.

Purchase Order Processing

For Purchase Orders, you will need to input the Purchase Order number.  In addition, there is an upload button where Purchase Orders in pdf format on Institutional Letterhead may be uploaded.

Ordering By Email

Xona customers may also order directly via email. This can be done by emailing Purchase Orders in pdf format to Purchase Orders must contain a billing address, shipping address, phone, email, catalog number(s), pricing, and a valid Purchase Order Number.


Xona Microfluidics® Inc also accepts Purchase Orders on Institutional Letterhead via Fax to 951-346-5566. International customers, please use the proper country codes when faxing orders.

Order Confirmations

Xona Microfluidics® Inc will confirm receipt of your order within one business day.  If you do not receive an order confirmation within one business day please contact us at to let us know.  Please check your spam box!  Xona may contact you from or so please make sure we are on your safe list.

About Xona Microfluidics® Inc

For more information on our new XonaChip® visit, and to get a quote on ordering XonaChips® and other Xona products, please visit

Xona Microfluidics® Inc is located in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. More information can be found at

If you are interested in testing a XonaChips® contact us at

XONA takes pride in offering comprehensive customer support.


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10 AM to 5 PM US Eastern

Xona Microfluidics® is closed all U.S. Holidays

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International Customers: Please contact Xona through our online form or by email if you would like to arrange a time to speak by phone.

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