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Xona Microfluidics® provides high quality microfluidic devices for compartmentalizing neurons.

Our expert team includes neuroscientists with critical experience designing and conducting research. Xona has been awarded numerous NIH grants and, in 2020, began offering contract research services.

Xona holds the original, exclusive license to sell compartmentalized microfluidic devices, originally described in Nature Methods (2005). Dr. Anne Taylor, an inventor, is Xona’s Chief Scientific Officer.

Our microfluidic devices enable the unique study of neuronal subcellular compartments and lead to the development of valuable in vitro models of the NMJ and other co-culture innervation models. Our devices are used extensively for Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, and Parkinson’s disease research.

Xona’s time-tested technology has been cited in over 1,000 publications. Many of these publications can be found on our publications page.

Both primary neurons and human iPSC-derived neurons can be easily cultured within our platforms. Neurons can be cultured for 21 or more days. Xona Microfluidics® sells both the original Silicone (PDMS) Devices as well as our newer XonaChips® which are made of optically transparent cyclic olefin copolymer.


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Introducing XonaChips®

Use XonaChips® to Compartmentalize Primary Murine Neurons

Use XonaChips® to Compartmentalize Stem Cell Derived Neurons



XONA MICROFLUIDICS offers a wide selection of devices for neuron cell culture.

The pre-assembled, easy to use XonaChip® offers a high quality, reproducible method for the
compartmentalization, fluidic isolation and improved organization of neuronal cultures.

They are especially great for culturing human stem cell-derived neurons.

The XonaChip® offers the researcher a novel method to isolate and grow axons, ultimately delivering the ability to study neuronal response to axonal damage due to disease or injury in an isolated fluidic environment.

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