Seeking collaborators!

Seeking collaborators!

Xona is actively looking for partners interested in screening/validating their target compound(s) using our cell-based tau mislocalization assay or similar assays for Alzheimer’s Disease (AD/ADRD) research. We have high content imaging capabilities and are planning to use 3D human iPSC-derived neuron cultures. Please contact us at to learn more. We are applying for a NIH/NIA SBIR for this development work.

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Cellular model of human motor unit using XonaChips exhibits ALS disease hallmarks

Isolate microglia to axons using Xona devices

In an impressive new paper from the Yamashita lab, Fujita et al. (2020) use Xona's compartmentalized devices to test whether microglial accumulation to axons involves Netrin-G1 signaling. Fujita & Yamashita (2020) further published a STAR protocol detailing their...

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Introducing XonaChips®

Introducing XonaChips®

Xona Microfluidics, Inc. has developed a new easy-to-use microfluidic chip to compartmentalize neurons and establish microenvironments, called the XonaChips®. XonaChips® are made out of an optically transparent plastic, cyclic olefin copolymer, which allows us to offer fully assembled chips that require few preparation steps, and result in excellent neuronal growth.

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