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Tags: mouse, preprint, primary, TCND1000

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Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, preprint, primary, TCND1000

Kaniyappan, S., Balaji, V., Wang, Y., Mandelkow, E., 2023. Microfluidic Chamber Technology to Study Missorting and Spreading of Tau Protein in Alzheimer’s Disease, in: Cieplak, A.S. (Ed.), Protein Aggregation: Methods and Protocols. New York, NY: Springer US, pp. 111-123. * uses Xona’s Silicone (PDMS) Devices (RD150, TCND1000) with primary rat cortical or hippocampal neurons **PROTOCOL**
Tags: cortical neurons, hippocampal neurons, primary, protocol, rat, RD150, TCND1000

Zhu, B., Liu, Y., Hwang, S., Archuleta, K., Huang, H., Campos, A., Murad, R., Piña-Crespo, J., Xu, H., Huang, T.Y., 2022. Trem2 deletion enhances tau dispersion and pathology through microglia exosomes. Molecular Neurodegeneration 17, 58. * uses Xona’s Silicone (PDMS) Devices (TCND1000) with mouse cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, TCND1000

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Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, TCND1000

Mao, X., Gu, H., Kim, D., Kimura, Y., Wang, N., Xu, E., Wang, H., Chen, C., Zhang, S., Jia, C., Liu, Y., Bian, H., Karuppagounder, S.S., Jia, L., Ke, X., Chang, M., Li, A., Yang, J., Rastegar, C., Sriparna, M., Ge, P., Brahmachari, S., Kim, S., Zhang, S., Shimoda, Y., Saar, M., Workman, C.J., Vignali, D.A.A., Muller, U.C., Liu, C., Ko, H.S., Dawson, V.L., Dawson, T.M., 2021. Aplp1 and the Aplp1-Lag3 Complex facilitates transmission of pathologic α-synuclein. bioRxiv, 2021.2005.2001.442157.
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, preprint, TCND1000

Ha, T.-Y., Choi, Y.R., Noh, H.R., Cha, S.-H., Kim, J.-B., Park, S.M., 2021. Age-related increase in caveolin-1 expression facilitates cell-to-cell transmission of α-synuclein in neurons. Molecular Brain 14, 122. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (TCND1000) with mouse cortical neurons and compartmentalized α-syn fibrils 
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, TCND1000

Vysokov, N., McMahon, S.B., Raouf, R., 2019. The role of NaV channels in synaptic transmission after axotomy in a microfluidic culture platform. Sci Rep 9, 12915. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-019-49214-w * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (TCND1000) with rat DRG neurons and dorsal horn co-culture
Tags: co-culture, dorsal horn, DRG, rat, TCND1000

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