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Tags: injury, motor neurons, SND150

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Tags: motor neurons, mouse, preprint, primary, SND150

Mutschler, C., S. V. Fazal, N. Schumacher, A. Loreto, M. P. Coleman and P. Arthur-Farraj, 2023. Schwann cells are axo-protective after injury irrespective of myelination status in mouse Schwann cell–neuron cocultures. Journal of Cell Science 136(18): jcs261557. * uses Xona's silicone devices (SND150) with mouse primary co-cultures of DRG and myelinating Schwann cells.
Tags: co-culture, DRG, mouse, myelination, primary, Schwann cells, SND150

Gu, M., X. Cheng, D. Zhang, W. Wu, Y. Cao and J. He, 2024. Chemokine platelet factor 4 accelerates peripheral nerve regeneration by regulating Schwann cell activation and axon elongation. Neural Regeneration Research 19(1). * uses SND150 with rat DRG neurons. http://10.4103/1673-5374.375346
Tags: DRG, injury, rat, SND150

Gu, M., X. Li, R. Wu, X. Cheng, S. Zhou and X. Gu, 2023. The Transcription Factor Ets1 Influences Axonal Growth via Regulation of Lcn2. Molecular Neurobiology.
Tags: embryonic, injury, rat, SND150, spinal cord neurons

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Tags: co-culture, DRG, mouse, myelination, preprint, primary, Schwann cells, SND150

Hennlein, L., Ghanawi, H., Gerstner, F., Palominos García, E., Yildirim, E., Saal-Bauernschubert, L., Moradi, M., Deng, C., Klein, T., Appenzeller, S., Sauer, M., Briese, M., Simon, C., Sendtner, M., Jablonka, S., 2023. Plastin 3 rescues cell surface translocation and activation of TrkB in spinal muscular atrophy. Journal of Cell Biology 222, e202204113.
Tags: motor neurons, mouse, primary, SND150, spinal muscular atrophy

Kimourtzis, G., Rangwani, N., Jenkins, B.J., McNaughton, P.A., Raouf, R., 2022. A microfluidic-based model of nociceptor sensitization reveals a direct activation of sensory axons by prostaglandin E2. bioRxiv, * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150 and TCND500) with adult mouse DRG neurons.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150, TCND500

He, Q.-R., Cong, M., Yu, F.-H., Ji, Y.-H., Yu, S., Shi, H.-Y., Ding, F., 2022. Peripheral nerve fibroblasts secrete neurotrophic factors to promote axon growth of motoneurons. Neural Regeneration Research 17, 1833-1840. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150)
Tags: SND150

Muñoz-Lasso, D.C., Mollá, B., Sáenz-Gamboa, J.J., Insuasty, E., de la Iglesia-Vaya, M., Pook, M.A., Pallardó, F.V., Palau, F., Gonzalez-Cabo, P., 2022. Frataxin Deficit Leads to Reduced Dynamics of Growth Cones in Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons of Friedreich’s Ataxia YG8sR Model: A Multilinear Algebra Approach. Front Mol Neurosci 15, 912780.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150

Hansen, J., Siddiq, M.M., Yadaw, A.S., Tolentino, R.E., Rabinovich, V., Jayaraman, G., Jain, M.R., Liu, T., Li, H., Xiong, Y., Goldfarb, J., Iyengar, R., 2022. Whole cell response to receptor stimulation involves many deep and distributed subcellular biochemical processes. Journal of Biological Chemistry 298. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with primary rat cortical neurons.
Tags: cortical neurons, primary, rat, SND150

Collantes, T.M.A., Clark, C.M., Musarrat, F., Jambunathan, N., Jois, S., Kousoulas, K.G., 2022. Predicted Structure and Functions of the Prototypic Alphaherpesvirus Herpes Simplex Virus Type-1 UL37 Tegument Protein, Viruses. * uses Xona’s Silicone (PDMS) Devices (SND150).
Tags: SND150

Hao, J., Wells, M.F., Niu, G., San Juan, I.G., Limone, F., Fukuda, A., Leyton-Jaimes, M.F., Joseph, B., Qian, M., Mordes, D.A., Budnik, B., Dou, Z., Eggan, K., 2021. Loss of TBK1 activity leads to TDP-43 proteinopathy through lysosomal dysfunction in human motor neurons. bioRxiv, 2021.2010.2011.464011.
Tags: human, motor neurons, preprint, SND150

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Tags: SND150

Siddiq, M.M., Hannila, S.S., Zorina, Y., Nikulina, E., Rabinovich, V., Hou, J., Huq, R., Richman, E.L., Tolentino, R.E., Hansen, J., Velenosi, A., Kwon, B.K., Tsirka, S.E., Maze, I., Sebra, R., Beaumont, K.G., Toro, C.A., Cardozo, C.P., Iyengar, R., Filbin, M.T., 2021. Extracellular histones, a new class of inhibitory molecules of CNS axonal regeneration. Brain Communications, fcab271.* uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150, SND450) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, SND150, SND450

Zhang, Y., Li, C., Qin, Y., Cepparulo, P., Millman, M., Chopp, M., Kemper, A., Szalad, A., Lu, X., Wang, L., Zhang, Z.G., 2021. Small extracellular vesicles ameliorate peripheral neuropathy and enhance chemotherapy of oxaliplatin on ovarian cancer. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 10, e12073.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with mouse adult DRG neurons
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150

Katiyar, N., Raju, G., Madhusudanan, P., Gopalakrishnan-Prema, V., Shankarappa, S.A., 2021. Neuronal delivery of nanoparticles via nerve fibres in the skin. Sci Rep 11, 2566.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with adult rat DRG neurons
Tags: adult, DRG, rat, SND150

Cristiano Lucci, Raquel Mesquita-Ribeiro, Alex Rathbone, Federico Dajas-Bailador (2020). Spatiotemporal regulation of GSK3β levels by miRNA-26a controls axon development in cortical neurons. Development 147: dev180232 doi: 10.1242/dev.180232 * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with mouse cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, mouse, SND150

Sundaramoorthy, V., Godde, N., Farr, R.J., Green, D., Haynes, J.M., Bingham, J., O’Brien, C.M., Dearnley, M., 2020. Modelling Lyssavirus Infections in Human Stem Cell-Derived Neural Cultures. Viruses 12. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with human iPSC-differentiated neurons
Tags: hiPSC-derived, SND150

Klim, J.R., Williams, L.A., Limone, F., Guerra San Juan, I., Davis-Dusenbery, B.N., Mordes, D.A., Burberry, A., Steinbaugh, M.J., Gamage, K.K., Kirchner, R., Moccia, R., Cassel, S.H., Chen, K., Wainger, B.J., Woolf, C.J., Eggan, K., 2019. ALS-implicated protein TDP-43 sustains levels of STMN2, a mediator of motor neuron growth and repair. Nat Neurosci. Feb;22(2):167-179. doi: 10.1038/s41593-018-0300-4. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with human stem cell (iPSC and ESC) derived motor neurons
Tags: human, motor neurons, SND150, stem cells

Nijssen, J., Aguila, J. and Hedlund, E. (2019). Axon-seq for in Depth Analysis of the RNA Content of Neuronal Processes. Bio-protocol 9(14): e3312. DOI: 10.21769/BioProtoc.3312. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150, SND450, SND900) with mouse and human stem cell derived motor neurons
Tags: human, motor neurons, mouse, protocol, SND150, SND450, SND900, stem cells

Barber, A.C., Evans, R.S., Nieuwenhuis, B., Pearson, C.S., Fuchs, J., MacQueen, A.R., Erp, S.v., Haenzi, B., Hulshof, L.A., Osborne, A., Conceicao, R., Deshpande, S.S., Cave, J., ffrench-Constant, C., Smith, P.D., Okkenhaug, K., Eickholt, B.J., Martin, K.R., Fawcett, J.W., Eva, R., 2019. PI 3-kinase delta enhances axonal PIP3 to support axon regeneration in the adult CNS. bioRxiv, 787994. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with rat DRG neurons
Tags: DRG, rat, SND150

Nijssen, J., Aguila, J., Hoogstraaten, R., Kee, N., Hedlund, E., 2018. Axon-Seq Decodes the Motor Axon Transcriptome and Its Modulation in Response to ALS. Stem Cell Reports 11, 1565-1578. * uses SND150 silicone devices with human motor neurons.
Tags: ALS, human, motor neurons, SND150

Westergard, T., Jensen, Brigid K., Wen, X., Cai, J., Kropf, E., Iacovitti, L., Pasinelli, P., Trotti, D., 2016. Cell-to-Cell Transmission of Dipeptide Repeat Proteins Linked to C9orf72-ALS/FTD. Cell Reports 17, 645-652. * uses Xona’s Silicone (PDMS) Devices (SND150) with primary rat cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, primary, rat, SND150

Taylor, A. M., D. C. Dieterich, H. T. Ito, S. A. Kim and E. M. Schuman, 2010. Microfluidic local perfusion chambers for the visualization and manipulation of synapses. Neuron 66(1): 57-68.
Tags: hippocampal neurons, microfluidic local perfusion device, primary, rat, SND150, SND450, SND900, uLP, Xona author

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