Cong, M., X. Wu, L.-j. Zhu, G.-h. Gu, F. Ding, G.-c. Li and H.-y. Shi, 2024. Anisotropic microtopography surface of chitosan scaffold regulating skin precursor-derived schwann cells towards repair phenotype promotes neural regeneration. Regenerative Biomaterials: rbae005.
Tags: injury, motor neurons, SND150

Gu, M., X. Cheng, D. Zhang, W. Wu, Y. Cao and J. He, 2024. Chemokine platelet factor 4 accelerates peripheral nerve regeneration by regulating Schwann cell activation and axon elongation. Neural Regeneration Research 19(1). * uses SND150 with rat DRG neurons. http://10.4103/1673-5374.375346
Tags: DRG, injury, rat, SND150

Gu, M., X. Li, R. Wu, X. Cheng, S. Zhou and X. Gu, 2023. The Transcription Factor Ets1 Influences Axonal Growth via Regulation of Lcn2. Molecular Neurobiology.
Tags: embryonic, injury, rat, SND150, spinal cord neurons

Subramani, M., M. J. Van Hook and I. Ahmad, 2023. Reproducible generation of human retinal ganglion cells from banked retinal progenitor cells: analysis of target recognition and IGF-1-mediated axon regeneration. Front Cell Dev Biol 11: 1214104. * uses SND450 silicone devices with human RGC
Tags: human, injury, retinal ganglion cells, SND450

Siddiq, M. M., C. A. Toro, N. P. Johnson, J. Hansen, Y. Xiong, W. Mellado, R. E. Tolentino, K. Johnson, G. Jayaraman, Z. Suhail, L. Harlow, J. Dai, K. G. Beaumont, R. Sebra, D. E. Willis, C. P. Cardozo and R. Iyengar, 2023. Spinal cord injury regulates circular RNA expression in axons. Front Mol Neurosci 16: 1183315. * uses Xona's silicone devices (SND450) with primary cortical neurons
Tags: cortical neurons, injury, mouse, primary, rat, SND450

Pozo Devoto, V.M., Lacovich, V., Feole, M., Bhat, P., Chovan, J., Čarna, M., Onyango, I.G., Dragišić, N., Sűsserová, M., Barrios-Llerena, M.E., Stokin, G.B., 2022. Unraveling axonal mechanisms of traumatic brain injury. Acta Neuropathologica Communications 10, 140. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (uLP).
Tags: human, injury, microfluidic local perfusion device, uLP

Taylor, A. M., N. C. Berchtold, V. M. Perreau, C. H. Tu, N. Li Jeon and C. W. Cotman, 2009. Axonal mRNA in uninjured and regenerating cortical mammalian axons. The Journal of Neuroscience 29(15): 4697-4707.
Tags: cortical neurons, injury, rat, SND900, Xona author

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