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Tags: hiPSC-derived, lower motor neurons, myoblasts, neuromuscular junction (NMJ), XC150

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Tags: co-cultures, hiPSC-derived, macrophages, XC150

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, motor neurons, preprint, RD900

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, NPC, SND450

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, SND450

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, human, i3Neurons, preprint, XC450

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, RD150, spinal cord neurons

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, muscle-derived hMSCs, RD450

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Tags: astrocytes, co-culture, hiPSC-derived, hiPSC-derived motor neurons, human, motor neurons, SND450

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Tags: hiPSC-derived, SND150

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Tags: DOC450, glutamatergic, hiPSC-derived, human, SND450, Xona author

Paranjape, S. R., Nagendran, T., Poole, V., Harris, J., Taylor, A. M. (2019). Compartmentalization of Human Stem Cell-Derived Neurons within Pre-Assembled Plastic Microfluidic Chips J. Vis. Exp. (147), e59250, doi:10.3791/59250 (2019). * uses XonaChips® (XC150, XC450, XC900) with human stem cell derived glutamatergic neurons **authored by Xona scientists
Tags: glutamatergic, hiPSC-derived, human, protocol, XC150, XC450, XC900, Xona author

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