Van Dyck, A., L. Masin, S. Bergmans, G. Schevenels, A. Beckers, B. Vanhollebeke and L. Moons, 2023. A new microfluidic model to study dendritic remodeling and mitochondrial dynamics during axonal regeneration of adult zebrafish retinal neurons. Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience 16.
Tags: adult, SND450, SOC450, XC pre-coat, zebrafish

Kimourtzis, G., Rangwani, N., Jenkins, B.J., McNaughton, P.A., Raouf, R., 2022. A microfluidic-based model of nociceptor sensitization reveals a direct activation of sensory axons by prostaglandin E2. bioRxiv, * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150 and TCND500) with adult mouse DRG neurons.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150, TCND500

Huang, K.-C., Lou, S., Wang, C.-C., Thanawala, M.S., Turner, J., Fink, A., Ji, L., Sadaghiani, M., Huang, P., Dai, H., 2022. DeepNeurite™: Identification of neurites from non-specific binding of fluorescence probes through deep learning. FASEB BioAdvances 4, 170-179.  * uses XonaChips® (XC450) with adult mouse DRGs.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, XC450

Muñoz-Lasso, D.C., Mollá, B., Sáenz-Gamboa, J.J., Insuasty, E., de la Iglesia-Vaya, M., Pook, M.A., Pallardó, F.V., Palau, F., Gonzalez-Cabo, P., 2022. Frataxin Deficit Leads to Reduced Dynamics of Growth Cones in Dorsal Root Ganglia Neurons of Friedreich’s Ataxia YG8sR Model: A Multilinear Algebra Approach. Front Mol Neurosci 15, 912780.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150

Morikawa, M., Jerath, N.U., Ogawa, T., Morikawa, M., Tanaka, Y., Shy, M.E., Zuchner, S., Hirokawa, N., 2022. A neuropathy-associated kinesin KIF1A mutation hyper-stabilizes the motor-neck interaction during the ATPase cycle. The EMBO Journal 41, e108899.
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND450

Zhang, Y., Li, C., Qin, Y., Cepparulo, P., Millman, M., Chopp, M., Kemper, A., Szalad, A., Lu, X., Wang, L., Zhang, Z.G., 2021. Small extracellular vesicles ameliorate peripheral neuropathy and enhance chemotherapy of oxaliplatin on ovarian cancer. Journal of Extracellular Vesicles 10, e12073.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with mouse adult DRG neurons
Tags: adult, DRG, mouse, SND150

Katiyar, N., Raju, G., Madhusudanan, P., Gopalakrishnan-Prema, V., Shankarappa, S.A., 2021. Neuronal delivery of nanoparticles via nerve fibres in the skin. Sci Rep 11, 2566.  * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND150) with adult rat DRG neurons
Tags: adult, DRG, rat, SND150

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