In an impressive new paper from the Yamashita lab, Fujita et al. (2020) use Xona’s compartmentalized devices to test whether microglial accumulation to axons involves Netrin-G1 signaling. Fujita & Yamashita (2020) further published a STAR protocol detailing their procedure for generating these cultures. Xona Microfluidics® provides a unique platform that allows neuronal projections to be directed into an isolated compartment and exposed to distinct cellular microenvironments. 

To learn more about using Xona’s devices for co-culturing applications, read our TechNote on co-culturing neurons and non-neuronal cells or the publications reference below. Here is a link to a curated list of publications using Xona technology: 


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Fujita, Y., Yamashita, T., 2020. Protocol for Co-culture of Microglia with Axons. STAR Protocols, 100111. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse co-cultures with cortical neurons and microglia

Fujita, Y., Nakanishi, T., Ueno, M., Itohara, S., Yamashita, T., 2020. Netrin-G1 Regulates Microglial Accumulation along Axons and Supports the Survival of Layer V Neurons in the Postnatal Mouse Brain. Cell Rep 31, 107580. * uses Xona’s Silicone Devices (SND450) with mouse cortical neurons co-cultured with microglia



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