XC-T series XonaChips™ XC-T500The retail value of each box of XC-T series XonaChips™ including XC Pre-Coat™ is $354.50. For a limited time they are being offered for the discounted price of $324.50.

The XonaChip™ Triple Compartment series (XC-T series) provide numerous experimental possibilities.  Neurons can be plated and cultured in the center compartment with axons extending into both outer compartments—this provides a great within-culture control. Two neuron populations can be plated within the outer compartments for other experiments. XC-T’s are Pre-Assembled using optically transparent plastic.

Catalog No. Product Size Description Price (USD) Quantity
XC-T500 Box of 5 500 µm central compartment $324.50

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XC-T1000 Box of 5 1000 µm central compartment $324.50

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XonaPDL 2ml (for 5 XonaChips™) Poly-d-lysine solutions optimized for XonaChips™ $45.00

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