The retail value of each box of XonaChips™ including XC Pre-Coat™ is $269.50. For a limited time they are being offered for the discounted price of $249.50.

XonaChips™ are the latest innovation in neuron culturing!

XonaChips™ are pre-assembled and pre-bonded, making them easier-to-use than our original silicone devices. These plastic chips improve long-term culture of animal model neurons. They are especially useful for culturing human stem cell-derived neurons, providing better cell attachment and long-term growth.

XonaChips™ are optically transparent and ideal for fluorescence live imaging.

Currently we are offering 2-compartment XonaChips™ with 150, 450, or 900 µm microgroove barriers.

XC Pre-Coat™ and XonaPDL™ are optimized for use with the XonaChips™.

Catalog No. Product Size Description Price (USD) Quantity
XC150 Box of 5 150 µm microgroove barrier $249.50

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XC450 Box of 5 450 µm microgroove barrier $249.50

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XC900 Box of 5 900 µm microgroove barrier $249.50

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XonaPDL™ 2ml (for 5 XonaChips™) Poly-d-lysine solutions optimized for XonaChips™ $45.00

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