450 µm microgroove barrier

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The retail value of each box of XonaChips™ including XC Pre-Coat™ is $269.50. For a limited time they are being offered for the discounted price of $249.50.

XonaChip™ (450 µm microgroove barrier)

Cat.No: XC450

New Plastic Chip!



Optically Transparent

Size: 75 mm x 25mm 

Size Equivalent to a Standard Microscope Slide

The New XC450 has a microgroove barrier that is 450 µm in length similar to Xona’s best selling SND450.  The XC450 is pre-assembled and pre-bonded.

The 450 µm neuron device is Xona’s most popular device. For most applications it is suitable for separating cell bodies from axons. After two weeks, dendrites in E18 rat cortical neurons have typically not crossed the microgroove barrier.

The 450 µm neuron device also provides the added features of fluidic isolation and culture organization for transport studies.