75 µm microgroove barrier

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Round Device (75 µm microgroove barrier) 

Each box contains (5) Silicone Devices

Silicone Device

Cat.No: RD75

Size: ~ 21 mm diameter

Our round device version of the standard 75 µm microgroove barrier has an approximate diameter of 21 mm, making it compatible with some 35 mm glass bottom dishes that many researchers use in live cell imaging systems. Glass bottom dishes used should have an inner aperture of 21 mm or more to accommodate the device.  At least 22 mm is recommended in order to have room to position the device.  Larger glass bottom dishes can be used, as well as glass cover slips, if desired.

The 75 µm neuron device with its shorter microgroove barrier is suitable for researchers who would like to isolate both axons and dendrites. It is also suitable for certain neuronal cultures that do not grow long processes.

Researchers who wish to study the early events of axonal and dendritic growth may also find the 75 µm device useful. The 75 µm device also offers the benefits of culture organization for transport studies.

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