• Tissue culture ready enclosure for chips and devices
  • Reduces evaporation resulting in longer culture viability
  • Compatible with microscopy
  • EtO processed for sterility


Evaporation of media during long-term culturing of neurons can have a large effect on cell health. This is especially true in microfluidic devices and chips which have smaller wells. To overcome these issues, Xona has developed a ChipTray™ to be used with XonaChips®, our silicone devices, and other microfluidic devices. In addition to reducing evaporation, the ChipTray™ provides an optimized enclosure for phase contrast imaging using air objectives.

The footprint of the tray is compatible with standard ANSI microplate holders. There are two water troughs on either end of the tray and two slots for XonaChips® (XC150, XC450, XC900, XC-T-500). Silicone devices mounted on glass or any other slide based microfluidic devices that you want to use, are also compatible with these trays. Within each slot there is a cut-out to improve image quality using inverted microscopes. The ChipTrays are tissue culture ready.

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